The words of a busy mind

Today’s news is worth listening to. It blows the gaskets of what is left of the faith in the humanity. Big banks actually knowingly supporting drug cartels and terrorists while ripping every last penny they can from the common person. I dare not say Middle Class any longer as that group disappeared a few years back when the banks turned nasty and foreclosed on all their overpriced houses.  A presidential candidate showing how stupid he thinks we Americans are, actually he uses foreign banks, guess if he keeps all his money in America where he makes the majority of it, he has to pay more in taxes! So guess he would be against a law that wants to tax the extremely rich. I sure hope the mighty lawmakers of tomorrow keep in mind that when they make the law that finally gets the money from these people who have skated for years, they need to put into place no matter where their holdings are located if they are a United States Citizen we get the tax money. Yes I said it right NO MATTER WHAT TAX SHELTER THEY HID THEIR WEALTH WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WILL BE GETTING TAX DOLLARS FROM THEM. No matter what country they have business in, money in, investment in we the American people have come to collect the over due money owed to us. The Banks are the biggest scam in America, they charge big interest for loans of all sorts and pay pennies (oh yeah not quiet a penny if you only have one dollar in savings) per month for us to save. The credit cards (big banks) charge outrageous interest even tho you may have excellent credit rating. I built my credit rating with these companies, and they still charge me an outrageous amount as if I am not trustworthy???? Where are the stop cocks on this?

Then you have the always stories of Drug Wars you know the haves and the have nots. the have not a clue just happen to get a big load of Cocaine and Pot, but probably missed the other 10 boats that got thru that afternoon. Can you see where I am going? Where do these boats land? Can’t the satelites catch this when we can zoom in to street level on google you would think a satilite could zoom into any area and see what is going on; say big pallets of black plastic wrapped bundles of Cocaine or pot getting loaded off some boat? The fact that the government is still back in the thirties when it comes to the evils of pot, alo during the WWI they paid midwest farmers to grow marijuana to be used for ropes (hemp is the strongest in the world), now they won’t let an Indian reservation group grow hemp quality majuana. It is not the same as what billions of people smoke this is known as ditch weed. It grows in ditches all over the midwest where government paid farmers to grow it. They legalized it for cancer patients years ago then when it worked so well they renigged on that and made it illegal again. Get a clue Washington and every gun ho cop Legalizing pot and controlling it like liqour would be not sweat off your heels. It is time for these red necks to join the real world. Make liquor illegal if you want to get rid of the  (cigarettes being number one) bar fights DUI’s,sucides,killings,liver disease,cost to Americans for all these persons that get jailed because of all the lawless actions done when drunk.

I am now calmer getting these jumbled thoughts on paper, you see I have fibromyalgia, live in a state that does not allow pot for it, do not drink, quit supporting the tobacco companies 11 years ago, have reached the age of 60,mentally feel 20 still fighting big brother.