prayerA small town gal that grew up in the 50’s and 60’s, Viet Nam war was the beginning of verbally expressing my distrust of our leaders. CONgress has gotten so greedy and so lazy. I have watched campaigns go from hometown parades, house to house greetings to bashing the other guy until that is all you hear. Anger, hate, distrust, that is what has evolved. Now I look back and am appalled that Americans have let campaign spending get completely out of control of anyone except the large companies that pour freely into its bottomless pit. The left over monies from a campaign once all the bills are paid (and by the way some do not pay all of them) that is when the big celebration begins because the person that ran for office gets to keep the monies. I think the reason behind this is because it was donated to them to help support them because we all know what an expensive journey it is to the office of choice. So imagine my disappointment when it becomes law (the law makers CONgress) that legislators that have served at least two years get to pick up a pay check for the rest of their lives and when their life is expired if the spouse is living they get the money. Now this average pay for one that is not on any committee or of any great notoriety is a mere $174,000.00 per year. You might want to know that their working year runs 136 days and the rest is suppose to be meeting with the state people that elected them making sure that the important issues are being dealt with. We know how that has gone for over 40 years. The lucky ones that get appointed to a committee make more. It is sickening as the expenses roll out they pay staff up to three $172,500, up to 9 170,696 and all others get 168,411. The senators payout a straight 171,315 to employees. They get money for offices in DC and states, they get money for incidentals in the tune of $944,671 for each member of HR for (Members Representational Allowance) They are not to spend over 50,ooo per office for mass mailings. People this is where our money is being eaten! What gluttony among the mighty. Is this any surprise why they do not know what it is like to work for your money? To try and support a family of three or more on the wages paid today in South Dakota? Is it any wonder that mom and dad have to work twelve or more hours a day just to keep food, insurance (car, health, life, house), utilities, maybe second car, cell phones, clothes, school activities, social life (that is a joke) People I know work 40-55 hours a week every week, no time off for enjoyable social events. How did we get here to such a miserable place? When I was young we talked of working less per week, how life would be so convenient and easy. We dreamt of simple things. When did bacon flavored ice cream become a choice? Why? why are the store so overloaded with product, from animal diapers to Zantac? Do we need 580 different cereals? Do we need all the soda pop on the shelves? I remember when a soda pop was a treat. We would go to a café and have a cheeseburger, fries and malt for a once or twice a year big treat. We had a few favorite toys. Not a house full like kids do today. in my heart of hearts I feel like we have abandoned Christ, and all His commandments to our destruction. It is time to grab our children and get them to church to hear the word, it is time to wake up our neighbors to the fact that our government is not our friend. I know I can not change a thing myself but if one person reads this and get any good out of it and does one thing to continue a more positive life it was worth it. Play it forward, go to the voting booth and get rid of all the lazy ones.


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