Can you Imagine?

A world with out CONgress trying to undermine what the people of America want and need? Can you picture how wonderful life would be if those idiots that make the laws and have too much control over our lives would be paid according to what they produced? get medical dental and eye like the rest of us? Can you think of having the vacation time they have and making the bucks they make? Why is it that they have gotten the authority to give their paycheck to their spouse when they die, that means we pay them for the remaining days if the CONgress person and then we pay the remaining life of the spouse! Where can any other American get such a deal? Can you dream of a country that had affordable health care for all its citizens without all the fighting over it? Why would the CONgress not want each and every American to be healthy? If the Feds want to rule who can and can not get married why are the states marriage licences different? Why do they have different ages of consent, and the cost is also different state by state. Should not the states decide who they want in their state to marry? Can you imagine if the 20-40 year old white male tore himself from the gameing machine and got off the couch what he may be able to accomplish? Have you noticed since Ellen cam “out” on her tv show that gays have taken over much of tv shows? and from there have gotten social security as if married, and the so called “rights” go on and on. Have you ever known a gay person that was not overly defensive of his or her sexual preference? just because they have the desire to be with same sex person does not make it a right of any form. Can you see that the future of this country is in doubt? Government is for the rich only, and by that I mean the super rich. Gays and black which were once in the minority have victimized themselves like the inmates in prison to have priveledges far beyond what most people have. In todays world if you claim God as your savior and are a Christian you are treated like something that is unbelievable. You are told God is dead the world doesn’t believe that story the bible was made up by a bunch of men. Well I am a Christian and proud to have God as my savior,I  pray daily He will forgive my sins and accept me into paradise to spend eternity with Him. Can you imagine what it would be like to go back to the 60’s when pot lucks at church were great? When Sunday morning you could see everyone in town practically heading to the church of their choice? where did it end?


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