sunday morning coming down

Church this morning then the sunday paper read. Listened to the blue Angels flying in the skies above, they have such precision moves, would scare the bejeebies out of me~! Anormal day in my world, Not so for many that knew any of the Colorado people. We are seeing and hearing too many ugly stories, are the reporters keying in on those or are there really not that many good things going on in the world that we can not at least balance it out somehow? Where is the good news channel on TV? Does it exist? The history channel has had the same stories on now for 10 years, NGeo is not much better, why do we get this kind of treatment? We deserve some quality educational Nat Geo and History channel. No imangination, when you start paying a family to follow every move because they happen to be little people, large in number,grossly over sexed, boringly drunks and from New Jersey, wow just makes them people proud to be from there I bet. A bunch of weirdo’s move into a “house” together and show off in front of the camera. Maybe its just me, I am sick of entertainment based on real life. If my life was like that I would want to crawl in a hole and hide my face.


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